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Sentimental Sunday: Happy Halloween

31 October 2010

When my children were younger I loved Halloween.  My favorite part of Halloween was creating, with their input, costumes for them to wear.  Here are a few of my favorites, handmade with love by me!

 My darling daughter, the clown

 My sensational son, Dick Tracy

Princess Daughter

 Where's Waldo?

My All Time Favorite
'Hocus Pocus' Witch and Jafar from 'Aladdin'


Barbara Poole said...

Enjoyed these, and you are indeed talented. Glad you took photos too, to recapture the memories.

Carol said...

Fabulous costumes! Thanks for sharing! You can design one for me anytime, how do you do with old ladies?? That are already old! LOL

Greta Koehl said...

These are priceless - the costumes are great, but the smiles are even better!

Kirsten said...

We always had the best costumes. That Hocus Pocus witch one was my favorite!

Brenda Leyndyke said...

Sorry for the late response to your comments. I was slowed down this weekend by a little health problem, the joys of aging. Thank you all for your comments and reading my blog. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween.

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