05 October 2010

What I Want to Know about Nancy Mast

Nancy Mast is my maternal great grandmother.  She was born, 23 February 1871 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  She married Valentine Graf on 24 November 1888 in Miami County, Indiana.  She died 18 January 1908 in Brethren, Manistee, Michigan from septicemia.  She gave birth to 10 children, 7 survived.  The tenth child was born 12 December 1907.  Could this be a clue to her death, just a month later?

I would like to know more about her.  I would like to know about her childhood.  I would be interested to know how or why she moved to Brethren, Michigan from Indiana.  I would like to know if her death was related to childbirth.  I would also like to know how her family coped with their mother's death.  The youngest child was 3.  Her husband, Valentine, never remarried.  I would like to have a picture of her.

This is one of the reasons genealogy intrigues me.  There are always unanswered questions and the journey to find them is fascinating.  Do you have a female ancestor in your family you would like to learn more about?

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