06 October 2010

Workshop Wednesday: Beyond the Basics-Military Records

Another Beyond the Basics Workshop topic offered by Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana was on Military Records.  Of all the topics offered during the two day workshop, this was the one I had the most experience with.  But, that doesn't mean I didn't learn a lot. 

Steven W. Myers M.L.S presented this session of the workshop.  I came home with 15 pages of sources compiled by Steven.  He covered everything from research on the internet to general references to references specific to individual conflicts back to colonial wars in the United States.

Some of the other topics covered included the types of records available, such as, registers, unit histories, journals, diaries, official records, lineage societies and blogs!  One thing that stuck with me was when Steven said, if there is one type of record available for one war, chances are it is available for another.  I have researched my civil war ancestor, Samuel S. Glover, Jr. and now plan to research a couple of War of 1812 ancestors, Daniel Fenn and Moses Poor.   

When I first started military research I found the research outline for U.S. Military Records at family search.org helpful.  What military records do you have experience with?

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