07 October 2010

Hattie's Bible: Marriages

Source:  Glover, Hattie L. "Fenn", family data. In The Holy Bible: with Revised New Testament. Chicago: GW Borland & Co., 1882. Original owned in June 2010 by Brenda Leyndyke, [address for private use].

The following marriages were recorded in Hattie L. Fenn's bible.  Frank H. Glover and Hattie L. Fenn were listed first.  The other marriages are of their children:  Claude R, F.H (Frank H. Jr, or Harry), Addie, and Merle.

F.H. Glover & Hattie L. Fenn May 12 1882

Claude R. Glover & Lizzie Bellinghausen Oct 7, 1905

F.H. Glover, Jr & Emma Winkler Oct 2, 1911

F.H. Glover, Jr & Lilla Watts Aug 25, 1919

Adeline Glover & Victor Tyson Feb 25, 1922

Merle M. Glover & V. Genevieve Dout May 31, 1927

Claude R. Glover & Edythe Sarasin Booker 5-17-41

Adeline Glover Tyson & Leonard G. McKie 4-24-46

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