26 October 2010

Talented Tuesday: Kirsten Lendyke

I suppose technically I shouldn't use a living person for my 'Talented Tuesday' post as it is meant to share information about talented ancestors, but I am a proud mom.  My husband and I had the pleasure of seeing Kirsten perform in Carmen with the Lyric Opera of Chicago this past weekend.  What a joy it was to see her living her dream.

My husband and I started talking to our children about what they wanted to be when they grew up in 6th grade.  I remember Kirsten saying she wanted to sing and act.  This was a career I knew absolutely nothing about.  I can't even carry a tune!  I knew it would be a tough career to undertake, but supported her fully.  I knew Kirsten was dedicated to pursuing this career path by the time she was in eighth grade.  I had found a book, "Acting Professionally" and bought it.  I told Kirsten if this is what she wanted to do she needed to go into it with her eyes wide open.  I gave her the book to read.  I think one of the reasons Kirsten has a career in this field is that she is determined and dedicated to her craft, in addition to being talented.  She never wavered from this path throughout high school.  

We supported Kirsten with voice lessons, dance, sending her to a fine arts camp and other ways when we could.  Kirsten graduated from Millikin University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre.  She is currently a performing artist in Chicago.  Every time I attend a performance Kirsten is in, just as the lights go down, I get a little emotional and I am thankful for the opportunity of seeing Kirsten perform.  And Saturday night was no exception. 

(Note:  I didn't misspell my daughter's last name!  She has chosen the spelling Lendyke for her professional name to make it easy for people to pronounce. )


  1. Brenda, I enjoyed reading about your daughter, although I've seen her blog before. You have every right to be a proud mom. This was a happy post. Good for Kirsten, I wish I could see her perform.

  2. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  3. Barbara, thank you.

    Ron, thanks for following my blog. I will take a look at your blog.

  4. Our nephew in is theatre and we always enjoy his performances. From age 3 it was obvious that was his destiny.