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Memories of Childhood-52 Weeks of Personal History and Genealogy

16 September 2011

Week 37Earliest Memory.  What is your earliest memory?

My childhood memories are closely tied to what house we were living in at the time.  I can't pinpoint what would be my earliest memory, but I do have memories of the first house I ever lived in.  My childhood memories really begin around the time I went to Kindergarten.  It was September of 1962, I was 4 years old.  I remember my mom helping me cross the street and then I walked the 4 blocks to school. 

Other early childhood memories include playing with neighborhood friends; putting a play on in our garage and inviting neighbors to come see it; playing in the back room of our house (it's where we use to hide our vitamins!) and my mom baking goodies in the kitchen. 

I guess you could say I had a very traditional midwestern upbringing.  One I am thankful for.


Kristin said...

My memories are tied to where I lived at the time too. I was planning to write about my earliest memories, thanks for reminding me!

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