12 September 2011

Day 3-My Longest Day-FGS 2011

Remember how I said I was connected?  Well, apparently the Hilton wasn't.  It seemed when I had the time to blog, I couldn't connect.  I figured conference attendees had the same time to use the internet as I did and we overwhelmed the system.  But, I plan to continue with my FGS updates now.  (I wrote them in word and saved.)

My time at the FGS 2011 'Pathways to the Heartland' conference is flying by.  I have learned so much and I can't wait to get home and apply it.  Session highlights are:
  • Records and Repositories at the Crossroad of America-Indiana Research-Curt Witcher.  Curt Witcher was a wonderful way to start at 8:00 a.m.  His enthusiasm for genealogy spills over to the audience.  He talked about the history of Indiana, vital records availability, and organizations and repositories. 
  • Demystifying Eastern European Research-Lisa Alzo.  Lisa, a fellow geneablogger, talked about keys to success, complications, mythsand sources to help with your eastern european research.  The importance of networking through social media, genealogical queries in publications and online was discussed.
  • Effective Search Techniques and Sound Research Practices on Family Search by David Ouimette.  Even though I have used family search many times, this was a helpful class.  He talked about the tools Family Search has developed to help us in our research.  Additionally, he discussed browsing digital images, using sound research principles and practices and exploring the Family Search research wiki's. 
  • German Research by Tamra L. Stansfield.  I was so glad I signed up and paid for this four hour workshop.  Ms. Stansfield presented a wealth of information that I am hoping will further my German research.  She divided the class into four sessions, with breaks in between.  First, she talked about resources, language, and handwriting, giving helpful tips for each.  Next, she discussed finding place of origin, stressing to scout ALL U. S. sources before looking for German ones.  A great lesson on understanding Meyers Gazetteers was welcomed.  Third, an understanding of the historical events that impacted our ancestors was given.   Lastly, Ms. Stansfield presented resources for German research.  Unfortunately, the workbook that Ms. Stansfield created and sent to Springfield never arrived.  Luckily, Family Search has agreed to mail them to us once they are located.
  • FGS 35th Anniversary Gala-This was the only extra event I attended and it was a good one to attend.  An entertaining skit on the history of FGS started the evening.  Harold Holzer presented "The Lincoln Family Album" which showed many family photo's and a few surprises.  Who would have thought that John Wilkes Booth's picture would be included? 
Tomorrow, Day 4, is the end of the conference and will be the day I take the most sessions, six!  Check back for those updates.

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