05 September 2011

Honoring Teachers on Labor Day

My dad, Bruce Glover, teaching physical education at
Harbor Beach High School, Harbor Beach, Michigan around 1974.

The United States is celebrating Labor Day today.  Labor Day is a day to recognize the contributions that workers have made.  I have chosen to celebrate teachers.  Teachers have been under fire in our state of Michigan, lately.  I won't get into the specifics, but needless to say I am on the side of teachers.  Teachers make a difference every day of their lives.  They work tirelessly for the benefit of their students.  They spend their summers improving themselves and preparing for the next year. 

I have been blessed with very good teachers in my life.  From my favorite first grade teacher, Mrs. Merriman, to a favorite sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Davidson, I have fond memories of caring, dedicated teachers.  Junior High was no different, a math teacher, Mrs. Weikert, took the time to help me learn to relax during tests.  Mr. Bishop, a science teacher, inspired me to go to college.  He brought an enthusiasm to his teaching I would have loved to replicate.  High school teachers that I found especially helpful include Mr. Clark, Biology; Mr. Tippett, Government; Miss Witkovski, English; Mr. Miljour, Biology and Mrs. Brobst, Home Economics.  Again, teachers make a difference!

There are a few teachers in my family.  My dad, taught for 41 years before retiring.  After retirement, he decided to be a golf coach and did that for another 5 years or so.  I never had my dad as a teacher as he taught physical education and it wasn't co-ed in those days.

My husband, Kirk, teaching first grade at
Deckerville Elementary School, Deckerville, Michigan in 1981.

I married a teacher.  My husband, Kirk, has been in education for 36 years.  He was an elementary teacher for many years.  Currently, he is a middle school counselor.  He loves his job.  It is getting to the time where he should be thinking about retirement, but he loves working with the students.  After an unusually challenging child abuse case I asked him how he does it.  His reply was he wants to be the one to make a difference in a child's life.  He wants to be there for them.  An attitude I have heard time and again from many, many teachers.

So, in honor of Labor Day, I say thank you to the many teachers who devote their lives to their students.   

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  1. I love this post. I grew up in a small town, and my mom was the nurse to the eye doctor. After graduation she would fill me in on which teachers passed through the office. I would sometimes leave a note for special teachers I knew had appointments. Over the years she filled me in on who retired, who moved to Florida, and sadly, who passed away. I always appreciated how Mom kept me in touch with so many teachers over the years.