19 September 2011

Who is Catherine Wheeler? Part III-Mystery Monday

Doesn't it feel great when you are contacted by someone who has read your blog and can add information to what you have written?  I know I enjoy that aspect of blogging the most.  Recently, I was contacted by Patricia, the great, great granddaughter of Catherine Wheeler.  I have written about Catherine Wheeler twice.  Once was to share the information I had found in my great grandmother Hattie's Bible.  The next time was to provide information that Apple from Apple's Tree had found for me about the Wheeler family.

Catherine Wheeler was listed as a mother-in-law in the 1900 and 1910 United States Census, living in the household of Frank H. and Hattie Glover.  Further research proved that she wasn't related.  Hattie Fenn Glover's Bible had newspaper clippings about Catherine Wheeler and the use of the name "Grandma Wheeler" was written on the clippings.  To learn more about these two events, click on the links above. 

Patricia shared the following information that her dad, Edward John Blake, had given her concerning the Wheeler family.  Catherine Wheeler was Edward's great grandmother.  I am sharing it on my blog as a means to understanding the connection Catherine Wheeler had to the Frank H. and Hattie (Fenn) Glover family.  There is no blood relation that I have found, but she was important to the Glover family.  If you are related to the Wheeler family, please contact me or leave a comment on my blog.  I would love to figure out the relationship of Catherine Wheeler and the Glovers.
  • John Branchflower, Edward's great grandfather, was born in England in May of 1818; died at Rockport, Ohio 22 February 1847.
  • Lucy Ann Barber, Edward's great grandmother, was born in New York on 28 September 1827; died in Litchville, Ohio on 23 May 1856.
  • Dr. Josiah Tyler, Edward's great grandfather was born 5 December.
  • Catherine Louisa Tyler Wheeler, Edward's great grandmother, was born 18 February 1828; died 10 June 1918 in Jackson, Michigan; burial Woodland Cemetery, Jackson, Michigan.
  • John Richard Branchflower, Edward's grandfather, was born 28 February 1844 in Cleveland, Ohio; died 4 December 1918 in Jackson, Michigan.
  • Emma Amelia Tyler, Edward's grandmother, was born 29 August 1856 in Albion, New York; died 8 January 1940 in Jackson, Michigan
  • John Richard Branchflower and Emma Amelia Tyler were married 19 August 1875 in Jackson, Michigan.
  • Emma Grace Branchflower, Edward's mother, born 7 July 1878 in Jackson, Michigan; died 7 July 1943; burial in Woodland Cemetery, Jackson, Michigan.
  • Emma Grace Branchflower and Claud Goodall married 16 March 1897; divorced 23 May 1913.
  • Emma Grace Branchflower Goodall and Edward Thomas Blake, Edward's father, married 10 October 1915.
  • Edward Thomas Blake, Edward's father, died 15 February 1959.
  • Edward John Blake born 20 August 1918 in Jackson, Michigan; died 3 November 1993.
Patricia shared her dad's description of his early years at Clark Lake in Michigan.
Edward's parents bought three parcels of land.  One parcel on the lake had a home.  Another parcel had a grocery store, which his dad ran.  There was a two room schoolhouse on the lake.  His dad was active in scouting and was a drummer in the American Legion band.  In 1933, the family sold the grocery store, due to the depression, and moved to Ypsilanti.  Edward became the produce man for the first A and P store in the country.  The store was in a streetcar barn.  He was sent to other towns to train produce men in other new stores. 

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