30 September 2011

11 for 11 Progress!

It has been nine months since I set my 11 for 11 goals.  I thought this would be a good time to check on my progress and see what I need to kick into high gear if I hope to finish in the next three months.

Here are my goals.  The completed one are in brown:
  1. Scan pictures!  This is an ongoing process.  I have scanned hundreds of pictures.  So I feel confident saying this is done!
  2. Work on my brickwall, Daniel FennI have worked on him, but this is a poorly written goal.  Is it complete, I guess?
  3. Make a concentrated effort to source every fact as I add it to my software program.  This is the goal I am most proud of.  I went through and sourced all direct ancestors.  I don't add a fact to my program without a source.  Proudly completed!
  4. Visit Miami County, Indiana to research Casper and Mary Graf further.  Have not done this and I don't have a good excuse for it.  If I hope to complete this I better hope for a nice fall day to visit.
  5. Obtain my grandfather's, Otto August Fredrick, obituary.  Completed.
  6. Attend a genealogical conferenceI am still excited about the completion of this goal.  I attended FGS 2011 in Springfield, Illinois three weeks ago.
  7. Start researching my son-in-law's ancestry.  Completed.  I have five generations on his father's side completed; I am still working on his mother's side.
  8. Talk to my mother and find out about family heirlooms in her possession.  Completed.
  9. Carve out a regular research time. This was a dream goal, I think.  I go in spurts with my research.  I didn't accomplish a whole lot this summer, but I am working on a better system for research, so kind of completed.
  10. Make contact with newly discovered cousins and share informationThis is why I love blogging.  I have been in contact with new cousins through my blog.  I have contacted others through email.
  11. Research myself! Add my personal facts to my genealogical software.  Completed.  Roots Magic made this easier.  Plus, I have used the 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History prompts and wrote about myself on my blog.
I have completed 9 out of 11 to my satisfaction.  82%, B-!  I have three more months to bring my grade up!  Wish me luck!

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