04 September 2011

A First-timer Preps for FGS 2011

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How are you feeling today?  My husband has this poster in his school counseling office and I think I am running the gamut of feelings today:  nervous, happy, overwhelmed, hopeful, but most of all ecstatic!  Nervous that I won't be ready in time, which leads to feelings of being overwhelmed.  Happy that I am going!  Hopeful that I will learn a ton, meet lots of great people and have a great time.  And of course, ecstatic that I will be in Springfield in 3 days!  YE HA!

One of the ways I cope with the negative feelings is to get myself organized.  The more organized I am the better I will feel.  How organized am I?

Pretty organized, I think.  I have a file folder for each day, Wednesday through Saturday.  In each folder is the days schedule and syllabi for classes I plan on taking.  Another folder is full of syllabi of classes that interest me (second choices) in case I need a back up plan.  One folder has my master schedule for the week in it.  Plus, a copy of all sessions, hotel info, a downtown Springfield map, and address labels.  This is my low tech prep!  I do have my calendar, notes, maps, syllabi and other information accessible on my lap top and/or smart phone. 

I have charged the various electronics that I think I will need:  phone, camera, computer and ishuffle.  The chargers are all in one place.  I have my ishuffle loaded and ready to go.  My play list has everything from genealogy related podcasts to Coldplay to Bruno Mars to Broadway tunes.  I figure this will be a good way to unwind after a long day of what I am imagining is going to be information overload.

One thing I am not concerned about is the drive to Springfield.  I have been to Springfield before and am very comfortable with the drive.  If you haven't been to Springfield before, you are in for a treat.  It is rich in history and culture, a great place for a genealogy conference.

Oh, and I can't forget I have my i-pass ready so I can zoom through those pesky toll booths south of Chicago.  I will be keeping within the speed limit, of course.  I would hate to have to use my exhibit shopping money for a speeding ticket!

Now, the only thing I have to do is pack.  I am feeling confident about that.  How are you feeling today?


  1. Brenda, First have a wonderful time, I know you will, and I'm envious. My first was in Boston, 06, and it didn't pay to be organized. It's like a zoo, you meet somebody new, and immediately change your plans. It was all fun, and don't try to stick to your schedule too much, allow for a lot of flexibility. Don't forget to blog tho! I'll be waiting to read all about it.

  2. I am sure all my plans will go out the window once I am there, but at least I have had fun planning it and it helps with feeling out of my league! I have changed my classes a few times already so I am sure what I have on paper will be different from what I actually do. I hope to blog while there.

  3. Hi Brenda! I'm glad to know that someone else has a daily schedule and a master schedule and print outs for backup classes - me too! I have everything in one folder, but then I haven't really started organizing yet. Hope to meet you there ~

  4. Thanks Diana, it should be a great time. See you at FGS.