25 September 2010

A Blast from the Past

Today is my 35th high school class reunion and I thought it would be fun to look at prices from 1975!  My senior memory book had a page titled 'Prices Today'.  It said "You'll get a kick out of this page in the years ahead.  Go ahead, list the prices you paid for some of the more common items listed below."  I bet the writers never imagined it would be posted on a blog in 2010!!

Hamburger:  $.65
French Fries:  $50
Coke:  $.30
Movie at theater:  $.75
Favorite magazine-Seventeen:  $.75
Jeans:  $10.00
Gasoline:  57.9 per gallon
Record Album:  $6.98 
8 Track Tape:  $5.98
School Dance:  $2.00
Bread:  $.65
Candy Bar:  $.15

I would love to have the movie, gas and candy bar prices back!!

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