09 September 2010

Hattie's Bible: Births

Source: Glover, Hattie L. "Fenn", family data. In The Holy Bible: with Revised New Testament. Chicago: GW Borland & Co., 1882. Original in possession of  Brenda Leyndyke, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE].

The following births were recorded in Hattie Lodema Fenn Glover's family bible.  The name of the person was followed by birth date and then what I have confirmed is the birth place.  My comments with relationship to Hattie Fenn Glover is what is in parentheses.

Frank H. Glover Born August 7, 1863 Adrian MI  (Husband to Hattie)

Mrs. Hattie L. Glover nee Fenn Born June 6th 1864 Lima, Mich  (This is Hattie)

Frank H. Glover, Jr. Born May 6th 1883 Jackson (Son-also known as Harry)

Claude R. Glover Born November 12, 1884 Jackson (Son)

Adeline Elizabeth Glover Born February 17, 1898 Bear Lake (Daughter-also known as Addie)

Merle McKinley Glover Born January 21, 1902 Frankfort (Son)

Francis Henry Glover 3rd Sept 12th Detroit 1915 (Grandson; Father is Frank H. Glover above)

John Glover Tyson Born July 8th Marquette 1923 (Grandson; Mother is Addie Glover)

James Victor Tyson Born April 14th Marquette 1925 (Grandson; Mother is Addie Glover)

Francis Edwin Tyson Born October 6th Battle Creek 1929 (Grandson; Mother is Addie Glover)

Barbara Elaine Glover July 4, 1930 (Granddaughter; Father is Merle Glover)

Marylyn R Glover Oct 12, 1928 (Granddaughter; Father is Merle Glover)

Samuel S. Glover Born May 13th 1836 Ypsilanti (Father-in-law; Frank H. Glover's father)

Adeline L. Glover Born March 6th 1838 New York City (Mother-in-law; Frank H. Glover's mother)

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Fenn Born Oct 18, 1826  (Hattie's Mother)


  1. Brenda, you are so lucky to have the Bible and this page with names and dates (something I don't have). Is this how you got interested in genealogy, because of the names and your curiosity?

  2. Barbara, Yes, I am very lucky to have the Bible. I became interested in genealogy about 4 years ago, when my dad decided to write an autobiography and didn't know much about his family. The bible was given to me this summer.