26 January 2011

Where Do You Do Your Genealogy?

One of the benefits of being an empty nester is having extra room.  I converted my son's bedroom into a genealogy/computer room.  A benefit of setting up a new room is organizing it.  How long it will stay looking like this is hard to say.  What you don't see is the crate of pictures and papers hidden next to the file cabinet.

One of the things I wanted to do when setting up the room was to make a place for family pictures.  The shelf to the left of the desk has pictures of my husband and children, siblings, nieces, nephews, and both sets of parents.  I have pictures of my children on the desk and file cabinet.  These are the people who motivate me to research the family.

In addition to pictures I have placed a few heirlooms around the room.  I have a hot pad my grandmother, Sarah Lilla Watt Glover Bell,  made on the desk.  My great grandmother, Hattie Fenn Glover, crocheted doilies and I was given them, recently.  I have one front and center on my desk.  I have a couple of art projects my children made near the desk too.  All of this is inspirational to me.

The wall behind my desk is a tree of our ancestor's pictures.  Near the bottom of the tree are my children and then Kirk and my wedding picture.  I have pictures of both sets of parents, 4 sets of grandparents, 6 great grandmothers, 4 great grandfathers, 2 great great grandmothers and 1 great great grandfather.  They are looking over my shoulder as I work.

Also on this wall is a hope chest that belonged to my husband's grandmother.  It is here that I store other family heirlooms.  I have linens, doilies, and other heirlooms stored here. 

I am very comfortable researching here.  Where do you do your genealogy? 

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