10 January 2011

S.S. Glover, Jr. Pension File Information Sheet-Military Monday

Samuel S. Glover Jr.'s Information Sheet from Civil War Pension File

This information sheet was included in Samuel Stillman Glover, Jr's Civil War Pension File that I ordered from NARA.  The transcription is below:

(Beginning of Transcription)
                                                    Washington, D.C., Oct 24, 1889
Will you kindly answer, at your earliest convenience, the questions enumerated below?  The information is requested for future use, and it may be of great value to you family.
                                                   Very respectfully,
                                                                 (Signature unable to transcribe)
Samuel S. Glover Jr
Bear Lake

1.  Are you a married man?  If so, please state your wife's full name, and her maiden name. 
Answer:  Adaline L. Glover   Adaline L. Dyer

2.  When, where, and by whom were you married?  Answer:  Aug 1st 1857 by Rev AH Perrine at Adrian Michigan

3.  What record of marriage exists?  Answer:  Marriage Certificate Witness Chauncy Stuart and Mary A. Dyer

4.  Were you previously married?  If so, please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death or divorce.  Answer:  No

5.  Have you any children living?  If so, please state their names and the dates of their birth.  Answer:  Charles W Glover born Oct 29, 1858.  William E. Glover Dec 21st 1860.  Francis H. Glover August 7 1862.  Mary J. Glover May 19th 1864.  Louis B May 15th 18?6. Louise J Glover July 22 1869.  Sarah W Glover May 20th 1871. W??ter ? Glover Feb 27 1875.

Date of reply, Nov 1st, 1889

                                                                      Samuel S. Glover jr
(End of Transcription)

When I first saw this I was very excited.  It was the first time I saw a birth day for my great grandfather, Francis H. Glover (Frank H).  Other things this information sheet confirmed for me was his wife's maiden name and his other children's birth dates.

I think it would be interesting to have his handwriting analyzed.  I don't have a picture of him so it would be interesting to see what a handwriting analysis would say about him. 

I don't know if the Department of the Interior knew what a great find this would be 121 years later when they wrote 'it may be of great value to your family" or not.  But, it definitely was a great value to me.


  1. Brenda, there is a lot written abt. a Josiah Glover 1814-1897 (Baltimore, MD to Smithfield, Ohio) in this months issue of the Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly. Are you interested in reading it? If so, please email me.

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Barbara.

  3. Brenda, I just finished browsing through all your pension file posts about S.S. Glover and I really like the way you've organized. I've been trying to decide how much and what to share. You've given a great example.

  4. Nancy, thank you! When I was deciding what to post I thought about two things. One, what did I find interesting? Two, what would I like family members and others to know about Samuel's service. Have fun sharing your ancestor's pension file.