04 January 2011

Did You Get What You Wanted For Christmas?

Week 47 of '52 Weeks to Better Genealogy' had bloggers list their Genealogy Wish List.  I posted mine and Santa(with a little help) was quite nice to me.  I received 2 out of the 3 gifts I had listed. 

  1. My great husband gave me a Flip Pal scanner.  I can't wait to explore all the possibilities of scanning with this.  I have a few quick projects, mainly photo's I plan to start with.  I also have one major project-I would love to scan all my children's art projects that I have saved.  Eventually I would like to make a book of them.
  2. This is a gift I decided to give myself.  I renewed my subscription to the NEHGS.  I have found their website to be very helpful in my research of my colonial ancestors.
  3. In addition, I was given a renewal subscription to Family Tree Magazine from my hubby.  One of my favorite magazines!
  4. My son and his girlfriend gave me the Genealogical Problem Solving Quicksheet by Elizabeth Shown Mills.  This laminated two-sided sheet is a 10 step solution to genealogical problems.  I have a few of those (genealogical problems) in my research so it should come in handy.
I think my family understands my addiction  love of genealogy.  Even though I received wonderful gifts for Christmas, my greatest gift this year was having my son and his girlfriend here from Florida, and my daughter and her husband here from Chicago.  It has been a couple of years since that happened, it made my Christmas. 

What made your Christmas special?


  1. Great gifts! You'll love that Flip-Pal.

  2. I have been scanning like crazy for 2 days! I do love it. I just may need an intervention though!