31 March 2011

Another Childhood Home-Those Thursday Places

This is the third home that I lived in as a child.  My parents actually moved back to this home, after eight years in another city, while I was in college.  A few months after college graduation I moved home for a year and lived here again.  It seemed so much smaller than I remembered as a 9 year old.  This is the basic floor plan without closets and specific details. 

A few memories I have from this house are:
  • playing library in the basement, there was a walled in room that I set up with my books and stuff.
  • watching my new sister, Nancy, sleep in her crib.
  • searching in my parents closet for Christmas gifts with my sister, Linda.  We actually unwrapped a couple and tried on the clothes, re-wrapped them and no one was the wiser until years later.
  • playing softball and croquet in the side yard. 
  • watching TV on our first colored television set.  I think we got 3 or 4 channels and one of them was Canadian.   
  • having my husband, Kirk, pick me up for our first date.  My sister, Nancy, had a friend over and they were in 6th grade at the time.  Kirk was a fifth grade teacher.  They were surprised.
  • getting ready for my wedding day

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