27 March 2011

Fredrick Children and Grandchildren

L-R:  Norma 'Jeannie' Fredrick, Kathryn Marie Tritten, Norman Fredrick, Audrey Fredrick, holding Rose Marie Sandberg.  Circa 1941

I have always liked this picture of my mom with her brother, Norman; sister, Jeannie; and nieces, Kathryn Marie and Rose Marie because I don't have very many pictures of my mom as a child.  Audrey, Norman and Jeannie are the children of Otto August Fredrick and Daisy Ellen Graf.  Rose Marie is the daughter of Leo Sandberg and Daisy 'Marie' Fredrick, who was raised by her grandmother, after Leo and Marie divorced.  Kathryn Marie Tritten is the daughter of Carl Tritten and Kathryn Louise Fredrick.


  1. I like this photo. I have some children on the steps photos of my mother and her siblings and some of my sister and me too.

  2. Porch pictures seem to be popular. I have some of my children, especially first day of school. I guess I should label what steps they were on.