04 March 2011

Daniel C. Fenn and The Two Sister Wives

When I see sister wives I think of the practice by some of having more than one wife at the same time.  This wasn't the case for my great great grandfather, Daniel C. Fenn.  He married two sisters.

165 years ago today, Daniel C. Fenn and Jane E. Poor were married in Washtenaw County, Michigan.  Jane E. Poor Fenn died 12 April 1848, just two years after her marriage to Daniel.  She was 18 years old.  Daniel C. Fenn and Jane E. Poor had one daughter, Estelle, in 1848.  (Could this be a clue to Jane's death?)    

Some time before 1850, Daniel C. Fenn married Elizabeth Ann Poor, Jane's older sister.  This caused me a little confusion when I first started researching them.  Some researchers have combined them into one marriage.  I am guessing it is because of Jane's middle initial being an E.  Perhaps they thought she went by her middle name.  Daniel C. Fenn and Elizabeth A. Poor had three sons, Zealton, Tully and George and two daughters, Hattie and Osphie.

Jane and Elizabeth Poor are the daughters of Samuel B. Poor and Eleanor Begole.

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