23 November 2021

R.I.P. Faith Brown (1956-2021)

Walter and Lola (Fredricks) Brown Family

L-R Back Row Fred, Walter, Lola

L-R Front Row John, Faith, Bertha

No matter when one experiences a death in the family it is hard, but the death of my cousin Faith shocked me. She was too young to die. She was only one year older than I.

I didn't grow up around my cousins and would only see them about once a year. I do remember spending the night at Faith's home as a child. She lived in the middle of an orchard on Jebavy Road in Manistee, Michigan. It was beautiful. It seemed like we would visit when the apples were starting to grow and the cherries were plentiful. Faith's dad, Walter Brown, was the manager of the orchard. Her mom was my beloved Aunt Lola.

We lost touch with each other as we became teenagers and made our way through high school and young adulthood. It wasn't until years later that I started going to the family reunions and was able to reconnect with Faith. We talked about our lives and food. We both were foodies. My Aunt Lola was an excellent cook as all the Fredricks' girls seemed to be and Aunt Lola would bring a big roaster full of spaghetti to the family reunion. It was Faith who made it as her mom got older. I begged for the recipe one year. I was told there wasn't really a recipe, as most good cooks will tell you. Faith told me how it is made. I could never figure out how the spaghetti didn't get all stuck together and dry.

Here is the recipe:

Fry one pound hamburger.  Season with Salt, Pepper, and Garlic Powder.
Add onion and celery.  Amount at your preference.
Add 1 can small tomato paste and 1 large can tomato sauce.
Simmer about 1 hour.  Put in roaster, bake at 325 for 1-2 hours.  Add tomato juice to keep it moist.

Faith Brown was born 31 May 1956 to Walter and Lola (Fredricks) Brown. She graduated from Manistee High School in 1974. Her death on 17 November 2021 occurred suddenly at home. Faith was cremated and a private graveside service will be held later.

I will remember Faith fondly and keep her and her family in my prayers. Rest in Peace, Faith.

A copy of Faith's obituary can be found at Terwilliger Funeral Home's website.

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