30 November 2021

You Tube for Genealogy


Do you use YouTube for your genealogy research? I have watched videos from genealogists Lisa Louise Cooke or Crista Cowan but now I am using it for my personal research. I'm not looking for people, but for places. I was able to tour the town of Methil, Fife, Scotland, the birthplace of my second great grandfather, David Watt, via YouTube.
If you have Calhoun county, Michigan ancestors you will want to check out the videos from Michael Delaware on YouTube. A lot of his videos are of places in Battle Creek but he has some from other areas of Southwest Michigan.

Michael Delaware's videos are well done. He explores the past, and in a few cases the present, with topics that are of interest to genealogists and history buffs. The YouTube videos covers topics such as cemeteries, defunct villages, historic people, historic places, Sojourner Truth, Quaker Pioneers and more. 

So often as researchers we get caught up with facts and forget to learn about the places our ancestors lived. Using YouTube to search the areas your ancestors lived and worked will let you feel as if you are there.

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