20 May 2022

Book Review-Not All is Changed A Life History of Hingham

Previously, I wrote about researching at Talbot's in Hingham, Massachusetts. I mentioned a book that was recommended to me, Not All is Changed-A Life History of Hingham. I mentioned that I had it on my list for the next time I went to Allen County Genealogy Center.

I was thinking I wonder how much a used copy would cost. I buy a lot of used books for my genealogy library and this one would be a terrific addition. I checked Better World Books, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. I found a used copy-like new at Amazon for $7. It said it might have a slight wear on the cover. 

I bought the used copy, and I didn't see the wear they were talking about, it is almost pristine condition. Of course, the first thing I looked at was the index. I looked for the surnames of Beal, Fearing, Hobart, and Hersey. All four surnames had numerous pages of family information. I haven't even gotten to them all.

When I get a book like this the first thing I do is check the index. Next, I check those pages for family information. Then I start at the beginning and read the book. I may not read every page of the book, but I read about the early history and the times my ancestors lived there.

Lorena Laing Hart and Francis Russell Hart have written an excellent Hingham history book. It concentrates on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries but also explores Hingham's colonial history. The authors used Hingham's archives and oral histories in their research for the book. Photographs, artwork, and maps are included in the 1993 edition.

In other book reviews I have shared the chapters and highlights, but this book is 509 pages plus maps. The years of the maps are 1857, 1879, 1903, and 1936. I especially like the line drawing collage by Barbara Menzies showing the ancient houses and buildings. The homes and buildings are numbered with a key on the facing page showing the address, person or business name, and year.

The book is divided into parts with chapters in each part. Part One is the early history. Part Two is the years 1865-1896. Part Three covers the years 897-1928 and Part Four 1929-1970. Included are lists of illustrations and maps, which are plentiful. Notes, bibliography, and an index complete the book.

This is a comprehensive historical accounting of Hingham, Massachusetts. Quality sources are cited. I look at the sources for further reading.

I am thankful to Hingham Historical Society's archivist Michael Achille for pulling Not All is Changed-A Life History of Hingham book. If you have Hingham Massachusetts family history this is the book for you.

 My early Hingham ancestors are:

John Beal and Nazareth Hobart

Caleb Beal Sr. and Elizabeth Huet

Josiah Beal and Rachel Hersey

Seth Beal and Abigail Clark

John Fearing and Margaret Hawks

James Hersey and Mary Fearing

William Hersey and Elizabeth

Edmund Hobart and second wife, Margaret Dewey

Rev. Peter Hobart and Elizabeth

John Mayo and Hannah Freeman

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