31 May 2022

If They Had Made It to 70 Years

 Today, would have been my parent's 70th Wedding Anniversary. Bruce Glover married Audrey Fredricks on May 31, 1952. My father died in 2018. They were together for 66 years. Here are a few mementoes from their engagement and wedding.

Marriage Announcement in Manistee News Advocate from my mom's Bridal Book

Unknown newspaper clipping found in my mom's Bridal Book

Certificate of Registration and Guarantee for a Keepsake Wedding Set found in my mom's Bridal Book. My dad never wanted a wedding band for himself.

Bridal Gown receipt, purchased from Wurzburg's in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My mom said she took the train to Grand Rapids to buy it.

Date unknown, picture taken at the Fredricks Farm
 near Brethren Michigan

Date unknown, they look so young.

31 May 1952,-The Wedding Party
Left to Right: Marilyn Fredricks, Jeannie Fredricks, Audrey and Bruce Glover, Hank Glover, and Richard Fredricks
Marilyn and Richard Fredricks were married. Richard was Audrey's brother, Jean Fredricks was Audrey's sister, 
Hank Glover was Bruce's brother.

Honeymoon in Frankenmuth, Michigan

Frankenmuth, Michigan Motel

One of my favorite pictures of my mom, dad, and I.

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