14 August 2014

Finding County Clerks in Michigan

Thomas McEntee asked Geneabloggers on Facebook this week if anyone received an email about a contest that county-clerks.com was holding.  A number of people left comments for Thomas.  Thomas being the diligent Geneablogger guru he is researched and wrote a blog post reviewing it.  In essence, the contest was a way to drive viewers to the website, which is heavy in advertisements.

I had already chosen to ignore the email and not participate in the contest.  The contest did get me thinking about county clerk resources, which are an important resource for genealogists.  Thomas mentioned the Family Search Research Wiki which is an excellent resource.  A good resource for finding Michigan county clerks is at Michigan County Clerk Office.

Michigan has 83 counties. The above website is a good starting place for finding the county clerks. The information provided includes clerk's name, address, phone number, fax, clerk's website, and the county website. There is a map and a list of other related sites to explore.

In Michigan, most research is done at the county level and knowing who and where the clerk's office is, is very helpful.

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