22 August 2014

Huldah Rowley Fenn's Bible Pages

Some of you may remember my blog posts about Hattie's Bible.  Hattie's Bible was a series of posts sharing the contents and information found in my Great Grandmother's, Hattie Fenn Glover, Bible. I was extremely fortunate to be the recipient of Hattie's Bible.  I think it is amazing to have one set of family Bible records, but having two is truly a gift.

I have Hattie's Bible in my position, but Huldah's Bible is owned by someone else, Carol.  Carol graciously scanned and shared the pages of Huldah's Bible with me. Huldah is Huldah Rowley Fenn, Hattie's grandmother, my third great grandmother.

The information in Huldah's Bible wasn't as rich as the information in Hattie's.  Most of the information found in Huldah's Bible was added by someone other than Huldah herself, based on the year of the information. The first page I am sharing is the history of ownership of the Bible.  I am not sure of who provided the information.

This book was Great Grandma Fenns was then given to Elizabeth Fenn wife of Daniel Fenn her son  given to Zealton Myron Fenn Elizabeth and Daniel Fenn oldest son who died Dec the 15th 1908
This book was given to Mabel Fenn Darwin by her father Tully Fenn brother of Zealton Myron Fenn in the year 1939 
Who's Who? 

  • Great Grandma Fenn is Huldah Rowley Fenn.  Huldah was born in Vermont about 1789.  She married Daniel Fenn 28 Feb 1808 in Shoreham, Addison, Vermont.  Huldah Fenn died 8 March 1836, Chelsea, Washtenaw, Michigan. I believe the parents of Huldah were Hopkins Rowley and Elizabeth Stuart or Stewart, but more research is needed before I definitively say they were.
  • Elizabeth Fenn is the daughter in law of Huldah Rowley Fenn.
  • Daniel Fenn is the son of Huldah Rowley and Daniel Fenn.
  • Zealton Myron Fenn is Huldah's grandson.
  • Mabel Fenn Darwin is Huldah's great granddaughter. She is the daughter of Tully Fenn.
  • Tully Fenn is Huldah's grandson, the son of Daniel and Elizabeth Fenn.

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  1. Love seeing this information out where others can utilize it. My mother, Mary Louise Fenn Blades, would be so pleased; she kept Huldah Fenn's Bible for years and was very interested in genealogy. I was able to scan the pages while she was still alive. Huldah's bible is now in the possession of my brother, Gary Blades. Mabel Fenn Darwin was Mary Louise's aunt.
    One correction to your post - Huldah Fenn's death date is listed as 8 March 1836. I believe that is Daniel Fenn's death date and Huldah died in/about 1862.