20 August 2014

Workday Wednesday: Back to School with Teacher Adda Dyer

This is the first time in fifty two years that I have not had someone going back to school!  Yes, fifty two years!  I started school when I was four, I turned five that September.  I attended school for the next seventeen years; thirteen years of public school and four years at college.  The next few years included myself and/or my husband going back to school as teachers.  Once I had children, my husband was the one going back to school in the Fall.  The remaining years included Kirk, Kirsten and Travis going back to school or college.  Kirk retired in June and this is the first Fall we will not be getting ready to go back to school; no back to school shopping, no coordinating schedules, no packing lunches, no alarm clocks!

I always found back to school time an exciting time. The school year has been such a part of my life for so long that it is a big change not preparing for back to school. The change is refreshing and the freedom it will give us will be wonderful. We can travel anytime we want, no waiting for school breaks.

I wonder if my ancestor, Adda Dyer, felt excited about going back to school.  This article was found in the Adrian Daily Telegraph, 8 September 1900, page 6, column 3.
School commenced Monday in the Crane district with Miss Adda Dyer teacher for the second term. At the annual school meeting Monday night Warren Bolt was elected director for three years.

East Madison was south of Adrian, Lenawee, Michigan in what is now Madison Township.  Can you imagine the changes in education that have occurred since 1900?  I wonder what Adda would think of using computers in the classroom, or not being able to use a dunce cap or switch.  If you have loved ones going back to school, enjoy!

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