21 January 2015

Huldah's Bible: Fenn Family Deaths

This is the last page of Huldah's (Huldah Rowley Fenn 1789-1862) Bible that had information on it. Although most of the information was saved years after Huldah's death in 1862, I am still in awe of it being in the Fenn family today.

The information transcribed below was written in Mary Louise Fenn Blades handwriting.  Huldah Rowley Fenn was Mary Louise Fenn Blades 2nd great grandmother.


Fenn Bible
Mabel died July 11, 1979
Warren died March 16, 1979
Elizabeth Huggett Fenn (wife of Warren) died January 26, 1983

ObituaryHorace A. Smith, who departed this life December 10, 1891, was born in Connecticut October 13, 1814, but the most of his boyhood days were spent in Plainfield, N.Y. At the age of twenty-one he came to Michigan and settled in Sylvan township. He was married to Martha Fenn July 12, 1836. After her death he was married to Helen Ellis April 3, 1856. He was the father of eight children, five of whom are still living.
            Mr. Smith experienced religion when a boy living in New York. On removing to Michigan he transferred his church relationship first to the Lima Congregational church. In 1851 he became a member of this church which at that time was known as the Sylvan Congregational church. He held the office of clerk of this church from January 1868 to January 1874. He was elected deacon in 1853, serving until March 4, 1871 and was again elected in 1874, and has held the office of deacon continuously since that time.
            The Christ’s kingdom have ever been dear to his heart. It is safe to say that he had not lived with a feeling......

Who's Who?
Mabel:  Mabel Fenn Darwin, daughter of Tully Daniel Fenn and Ella Mary Blake.

Warren:  Warren Orlo Fenn, great grandson of Huldah Rowley Fenn.  Tully Daniel Fenn and Ella Mary Blake were Warren's parents.

Elizabeth Huggett Fenn:  Elizabeth was the wife of Warren Orlo Fenn.  They were married 10 Aug 1916 in Convis Township, Calhoun, Michigan.

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