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Surname Saturday: Rowley

05 June 2010

The surname Rowley is Anglo-Saxon in origin.  Rowley refers to various places in England.   It has been written as Rowley and Rowlee.  The Rowley side of my family arrived in the United States in 1632 coming from England.

The Rowley's in my family tree include:

Thomas Rowley
John Rowley
Henry Rowley (1595-by 1673)  married Sarah Ann Palmer:  Plymouth, Scituate, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Moses Rowley, Sr.(1633-1705)  married Elizabeth Fuller:  Barnstable, MA, East Haddam, Connecticut
Moses Rowley, Jr. (1654-1735) married Mary Fletcher:  Barnstable, MA, East Haddam, Connecticut
Jonathan Rowley, Sr. (1703/04-1772) married Anne Fuller: Falmouth, MA, Sharon, CT, Kent, CT
Jonathan Rowley, Jr (1729-1806)  married Elizabeth Hopkins:  East Haddam, CT, Pittsford, Vermont
Hopkins Rowley (1758-1831) married Elizabeth Stewart: Kent, CT, Pittsford and Shoreham, Vermont
Huldah Rowley (1789-1862)  married Daniel Fenn:  Pittsford and Shoreham, Vermont, Chelsea, Michigan


Kathleen Brandt, Professional Genealogist said...

Were any of your Rowley's a pastor who went to Rutherford NC?

Brenda Leyndyke said...

None of the ones mentioned did. I don't know if any of their extended family did.

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