14 June 2010

Celebrating Flag Day

Today is Flag Day.  Are you flying your American Flag?  Flag Day is celebrated every June 14th in the United States.  It commemorates the adoption of the U.S. Flag.  President Woodrow Wilson, in 1916, was the one to officially adopt June 14 as Flag Day.

You can see many flags flying at the entrance to Fort Custer National Cemetery, Augusta, Michigan.  The avenue of flags at the cemetery is awesome.  152 flagpoles are located along the main entrance to the cemetery.  Another 50 flagpoles are arranged in a semi circle and used for special occasions.  The flags are flown Easter through Veteran's Day, weather permitting. 

Does your community celebrate flag day with a parade or other festivities?  I hope you are flying your flag proudly this Flag Day.  I know I am.

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