18 June 2010

Follow Friday: Graf Family

My maternal grandmother, Daisy, was a descendant of the Graf family.  She was born to Valentine and Nancy (Mast) Graf.  One of the resources I have found incredibly helpful with my Graf line is Shawn D. Graff's "The Graf Family of Rockenhausen Germany".

Shawn's wonderful site gives a brief history of the Graf family and four generations of Graf's on the home page.  There are separate pages for the seven descendants of Johann Caspar Graf and Katarina Margreta Philipp.  Additional pages include:  links, summary of website creator and how he fits into the Graf family, obituaries, and pictures.  Shawn has pages of pictures that have names attached to them and he also has pages of unknown Graf's, which he asks for help with identifying.

I have contacted Shawn with questions and he has generously given me the information I seek.  His information is taken from many Family History Center microfilm records, many from Rockenhausen, Germany.  Although his site isn't sourced, anytime I asked for the information, he was able to provide it.

The Graf's that I descend from include:
  • Johann Nickel (1655-1735)
  • Johann Caspar (1691-1770)
  • Johann Phillip (?-1822)
  • Johann Caspar (1763-1828)
  • Johann Phillip (1803-?)
  • Casper (1827-1869)
  • Valentine (1865-1933)
  • Daisy (1892-1978)
  • Audrey Fredricks Glover
  • Brenda Glover Leyndyke (That's Me!)


  1. I think this is so neat, your grandmother is named Daisy, that is my nickname. I love the name.

  2. I think it is a great name! Reminds me of a sunny summer day.