10 June 2010

Ancestor Biography: Hattie L. Fenn

Hattie L. Fenn
Circa 1872, Age 9
My paternal great grandmother was known as Hattie in every record I have found. I have always wondered if that was her given name, or if she was possibly named Harriet and used Hattie.

Hattie L. Fenn was born during the civil war, June 1863, in Michigan. Hattie was the youngest of five children born to Daniel C. Fenn and Elizabeth Ann Poore. Her siblings were Zealton, Tully, Osphie, and George. She had a half sister, Estella, who was born to Daniel C. Fenn and Jane E. Poor (Elizabeth's sister). Although I don't have proof positive of where in Michigan Hattie was born, I have a tax list for the year 1863 in which Daniel C. Fenn was taxed in Sylvan Township, Washtenaw, Michigan.

1870 U.S. Federal Census p 13 City of Jackson, County of Jackson,
State of Michigan

The first federal census that Hattie is found in is the 1870 census. The family is living in Jackson, Jackson, Michigan. Included in this census is Daniel C. Fenn, Elizabeth, Zealton, Tully, George, Hattie, and Ellen Poor (Elizabeth's sister). Osphie Fenn who was in the 1860 Census, at age 1, is not included in this census.

According to Hattie Fenn's bible records, her father, Daniel C. Fenn, died in February 1873. Hattie would have been almost 10 years old. Sometime before 1880, Hattie moved in with her sister's family:  James and Estella Shaw. The 1880 Federal Census for Jackson, Jackson, Michigan shows Hattie, age 17, working in a corset factory.

Jackson, Michigan was a city known for its corset companies. In 1868, The Bortree Company moved to Jackson, Michigan and became the first corset company west of New York City. Other corset companies set up business and by 1900 sixteen corset companies were doing business in Jackson. Although I don't know which factory Hattie was working in I know Hattie was working during a time that was notorious for long hours, low wages and hazardous working conditions. Plus, women were known to have made a fraction of the wages that men made at that time.
1st Congregation Church , Jackson, Michigan-2009

Hattie L. Fenn and Frank H. Glover were married on 12 May 1882 in Jackson, Jackson, Michigan.  Rev. JW Hough, Pastor of 1st Congregational Church Officiated.

Certificate of Marriage found in Hattie Fenn Glover's Bible

Witnesses to the marriage were Mrs. Mary S. Karnick and Frederick Wheeler.  (I wonder if the Catherine Wheeler written about previously, who was living with Frank and Hattie in the 1900 and 1910 census, is connected to Frederick Wheeler)

Christmas Eve 1948, Age 85
Enjoying 'Rodeo Romances'

Hattie lived her whole life in Michigan.  While married she lived with her family in Crystal Lake and Marquette.  Sometime after her husband, Frank, died (in 1925) Hattie went to live with her daughter Adeline.  Adeline E. Glover married Victor Tyson and lived in Battle Creek, Michigan.  The 1930 Census lists Hattie living with the Tyson's.  My father remembers visiting Hattie in Battle Creek.  He remembers his visits to Gougac Lake, which Hattie lived near.  The street, Lake Ave, is no longer in existence.  But, it was within walking distance to my current home, as I live in Battle Creek.  Hattie continued to live with the Tyson's for many years.  Around 1950, she went to Munising, Alger, Michigan to live with her son, Claude R. Glover.

Frank H. and Hattie L. (Fenn) Glover
Park Cemetery, Marquette, Marquette, Michigan

Hattie L. Fenn Glover died 14 December 1951 in Munising, Alger, Michigan.  She is buried at Park Cemetery in Marquette, Michigan.  The grave site is in Section U across from a beautiful pond area. 


  1. What a nice presentation of Hattie's life. She lived a nice long life. Thanks.

  2. Yes, she did have a nice long life. Thanks, Barbara