30 June 2010

Summary of a Civil War Pension File: Samuel S. Glover, Jr.

I should probably thank my civil war ancestor, Samuel Stillman Glover, Jr for his tenacity in filing for increases to his pension.  Each request for a pension increase left a paper trail.  I recently received copies of Samuel's file after ordering it from the National Archives and Records Administration.  I received a .pdf file, with 91 pages on a CD, forty days after requesting it.

Samuel S. Glover, Jr's file included:
  • General Pension Papers and Articles of Agreement (8 pages)
  • Surgeon's Certificates (19 pages)
  • Affidavits from people who knew Samuel and his wife, Adda/Adeline (19 pages)
  • Marriage Documentation (2 pages)
  • Death Documentation for Samuel and Adeline (3 pages)
  • Declaration for Increase (27 pages)
  • Certificate of Disability for Discharge including Captain's Statement (4 pages)
  • Questions Answered by Samuel (1 page)
  • History of Claim (4 pages)
  • Other-including what looks like packet covers. (4 pages)
The pages I have found the most interesting are pages written from his captain, Marcus Grant, detailing his service and injury; pages confirming the death of Samuel and his wife, Adda; and a page that Samuel himself filled out with details on his family.

Check back in the future as I share the pages of Samuel's pension file.

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