12 June 2010

World's Longest Breakfast Table

Battle Creek Cereal Festival June 1988
Kirk, Travis, Kirsten
Our First Summer in Battle Creek

Within weeks of moving to Battle Creek in 1988 we experienced our first Cereal Festival.  Battle Creek, Michigan is home to the World's Longest Breakfast Table.  This free breakfast of cereal, pop tarts, tang, banana's, and milk is served every year on the second Saturday of June from 8-10am.  Today!  

The World's Longest Breakfast Table is part of the Battle Creek Cereal Festival.  This festival celebrates the history of cereal in Battle Creek.  A parade, entertainment, educational vendors, activities and lots of fun makes up the festival.
Join Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle, and Pop, Toucan Sam, Flintstone Characters, and others for a day of free breakfast and fun.


  1. How fun. I have such great memories of the World's Longest Breakfast Table!

  2. Dad and I have great memories taking you and your brother. We will have to get your hubby to one!