19 June 2010

Surname Saturday: Hershberger

The surname Hershberger has been written as Hershberger, Hertzberger, and Herschberger.  The Hershberger side of my family arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1737.  Christian  Hershberger (1714-1770) arrived on the ship Charming Nancy.  His wife, Barbara, and children, Anna and Peter travelled with him.  A son, Christian was born in Pennsylvania  They settled in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Other Hershbergers in my family tree include:

Christian Hershberger(1745-1815) married Magdalena Van Gundy(1744-1842)
Christian Hershberger(1775-1848) married Anna Schrock(1774-1824)
Mary Hershberger(1807-1881) married John Christian Livengood(1801-1859)

Researching three Christian Hershberger's has been interesting, to say the least.  I have confused them a time or two!

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