30 April 2010

5500 Searchable Photos

Willard Library in Battle Creek, Michigan has 5500 photographs relating to Battle Creek history online. This photographic preservation project includes photos from the 19th and 20th century. The photos are searchable by keyword within the caption of the photograph or by broad subject categories.

Some of the photos include pictures of
  • Battle Creek Sanitarium (where cereal was invented)
  • Boy Scouts
  • Camp Custer-World War I
  • Fort Custer-World War II
  • Gravestones of early Battle Creek Pioneers
  • Military Photo's-including one of local civil war veterans
  • Clubs
  • Farms
  • Schools
  • Hotels and Taverns
  • and many more.
If you are looking for or have an interest in Battle Creek history. Check the Photographs from Battle Creek History out.


  1. Oh, the Willard! I'm a little late in reading posts, and of course, I have to comment on this. Thanks so much for this post.

  2. Their photo collection is quite good and I love that it is accessible online.