17 April 2010

Surname Saturday: Zastrow

The surname Zastrow is German in origin. It originated from Western Pomerania. It has been found written as Zastrow, Zastrau, and Zasterow. The Zastrow side of my family is another brickwall for me. Louise Fredricke Zastrow was born 9 April 1856 in Germany. She immigrated April 1875 aboard the ship Donau. She married J. August Fredrick on 8 May 1875 in Manistee, Manistee, Michigan. Louise Zastrow Fredrick died 27 July 1940 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


  1. Good luck with this. I think I had replied to a post like this on rootsweb about Zastrows in Door County, Wisconsin.

  2. Yes, Mindy I saw your other comment post. There are two Louise Zastrow's. One from Wisconsin and my Louise.