28 April 2010

My Packing List for Library Visits

As I said last month, I am a list maker. I thought I would share what I take when I go to do genealogy research at a library.

  • Pedigree Charts and Family Group Sheets
  • List of Sources to Check for Information
  • Pencils
  • Colored Pens (I'll share why colored pens in a future post)
  • Copies of sheet to record sources on (I created my own which I will share with you, soon)
  • Sticky notes
  • Pad of paper
  • Laptop with flash drive which has my family tree software on it
  • Money, preferably change, for copies (the one time I forgot all I had was a five dollar bill-the machine dispensed all dimes-I am sure the people near me appreciated the chink, chink of 50 dimes falling!)
  • Highlighter
  • File Folders (I like to be organized, remember!)

This is all carried in a canvas bag.

Can you think of anything else that would be helpful for a library visit? Leave a comment and share your ideas.


  1. A digital camera! I've gotten to where I keep my little point & shoot camera in my purse. I've used it at the library several times. I've taken photos of covers and inside pages of a reference book to refer back to when I'm inputting sources.

  2. That's a good idea. I usually have mine with me, but didn't think to use it for the pages. Thanks for reading my blog.