16 April 2010

Follow Friday: If These Walls Could Talk

From Journey to the Past
Have you ever wondered what your ancestor's house looked like? I have a couple of pictures of homes where my ancestors lived. One picture is of the family farm on my mother's side. The farm is still in the family today. Another is from a picture I took myself. A present day picture (2009) of a house my great grandparents, Frank and Hattie Glover, were living in around 1910. The picture above is that house on Ridge Street in Marquette, Michigan.

196 Capital Ave, NE, Battle Creek, Michigan c. 1940
Present Day: Kimball House Museum

If you have ancestors that lived in Battle Creek, Michigan circa 1940, you are in luck. Willard Library in Battle Creek, Michigan has a Historical Images of Battle Creek, Michigan-Homes and Building c 1940 collection accessible online. This collection has photographs of every house and building that was within the Battle Creek boundaries in 1940. The collection is listed alphabetical by street name, then house number. Even if you don't have ancestors in Battle Creek, check this great collection of photo's out. If these walls could talk, oh the secrets they would tell.


  1. Brenda, I love the house where your great-grandparents lived. Color is beautiful. Did any of your ancestors live in the house below (now a museum)? Or did mine, ha?

  2. Barbara, Maybe yours did, unfortunately I don't have any ancestors that lived in Battle Creek. I will be the first!

  3. Kathleen, Yes isn't it adorable. I wonder what color it was when they lived there in 1910.