26 April 2010

Sorting Out Henry Glover

I get a headache when I try to figure out the Henry Glover's I may be descended from. I am confident in my Glover ancestors as follows:

Bruce>Harry>Frank H.> Samuel S.(Jr)>Samuel S.>Alexander>Thomas> Henry (who married Mary Crehore)>Henry(who married Hannah ___)

It is the next generation that is in question. Henry Glover who married Hannah _____ can be found in these sources:

  1. Glover Memorials and Genealogies by Anna Glover, published in 1867: Henry Glover who was the third son of Thomas and Margery (Deane) Glover was born in 1603. He had a wife, Abigail. Glover states, "of his children we can only gather an account of a son, Henry, who had a wife, Hannah. (p 505)
  2. Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester County Massachusetts by Ellery Bicknell Crane, published in 1907: There is a listing for Henry Warren Glover. It states that "Henry Glover (I) was the emigrant ancestor of Henry Warren Glover, of Millbury, Massachusetts. This source says he came to America in the "Elizabeth of Ipswich", April 30, 1634. He is said to be the third son of Thomas and Margery (Deane) Glover." It continues with other information about this Henry Glover's time in Massachusetts. This source also states, "there are records only of one son who remained in this country, Henry." (I would love to know what records he speaks of) It continues about Henry (II). He "was born probably at Dedham, Massachusetts, died at Milton, Massachusetts, April 6, 1714." "He married Hannah _____" It lists children, one which is Henry, born 20 August 1670, married Mary Crehore. (p 191)
I wish I was content to use these sources, but I have not been able to find the records to substantiate this information. So, I keep looking.
The next source I discover is, Great Migration Newsletter, Vol. 9, October-December 2000. In this newsletter I find "How Many Henry Glovers?" (What? Are they reading my mind?) It looks like there are three from Colonial America.
  1. Henry Glover (1634 Passenger)-migrated in 1634 on Elizabeth, sailing from Ipswich
  2. Henry Glover (New Haven)-First record found 12 June 1641, a daughter was baptized at New Haven.
  3. Henry Glover (Dedham)-admitted a townsman at Dedham, 2 January 1642/43.
The Great Migration Newsletter asks, "which, if either of these men (#2 & 3) was the passenger of 1634?" If Great Migration Newsletter is confused you can imagine my confusion as a recreational genealogist!

With further research I have been able to eliminate Henry Glover (New Haven). There is a nice accounting of this Henry Glover who married Helena _____ .
Now, I am left with two Henry Glover's to sort out: Henry (1634 Passenger) and Henry (Dedham). I check two sketches for the above Henry's. The sketch of Henry Glover (1634 Passenger) states "no record for a Henry Glover appears in New England between this passenger record and 1641." 1641 is the Henry Glover (New Haven) record. Additionally, it states "that there is no identifiable record in New England for the 1634 passenger."

So this leaves Henry Glover (Dedham). Henry Glover (Dedham) migrated in 1642. He married Abigail ____. Did they have any children? I haven't been able to prove they had a son, Henry. The Great Migration sketch of this Henry feels that the connection to Thomas and Margery (Deane) Glover as stated in Glover Memorials and Genealogies is "erroneous".
For now, I have to be content with ending my ancesty at Henry Glover and Hannah ____. I am not able to connect him to Henry Glover and Abigail at this time. I am hoping more information will be uncovered with definitive proof of who Henry Glover that married Hannah, parents were.

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  1. If you search Google books, you will find a number of the early records of Dedham. If someone was born, married, or died there, you will be able to find it.

  2. Thank you, Brian for the Dedham tip. I will check it out and hope for the best!

  3. I am trying to trace Sarah Glover, daughter of Henry and Helena Glover. Sarah, b. 3 Dec 1655 at New Haven, d. 22 Nov 1730, married John Ball b. 15 Apr 1649 New Haven. Ref: Families of Ancient New Haven, Donald Lines Jacobus. I want to find the parents of Henry Glover.