27 May 2015

Fredricks Family Memories: Part 2

Last month, I introduced a new series of blog posts called Fredricks Family Memories. Four of the five aunts and uncles completed the questionnaire I sent that is used for this series.  Since then I have been to one family event and I think this was well received.  It opened up topics of conversation when I saw them and best of all-they all know I love to hear their stories.

Question 2: Who is the oldest relative you remember as a child?  What do you remember?

  • Aunt Lola: I remember Grandpa Fredrick had a big beard.  Aunt Lola is the only relative alive who remembers her grandfather, Johann August Fredrick. 
  • Uncle Richard: Grandma Fredricks made us kids hot biscuits with butter and jam on them. Grandma Fredricks is Louise Zastrow Fredricks and us kids would be the children of Otto and Daisy Fredricks.
  • Audrey, my mother: My Grandma Fredricks, I went to Grand Rapids to the Bruce house for Thanksgiving once and I remember she was upstairs in her room and she didn't come down for dinner.  Her meal was taken up to her.  I went up and talked to her. Grandma Fredricks is Louise Zastrow Fredricks, the Bruce house was the home of Louise's daughter Mary Fredricks Bruce.
  • Aunt Jeannie: Aunt Gusty and Uncle Herman. They came to the farm and drank beer. Aunt Gusty and Uncle Herman are Augusta 'Gusty' and Herman Breen, they lived in Manistee, Michigan most of the time.  The farm would be Otto and Daisy Fredricks farm.  Gusty was Otto's sister.
This question is one that would have been better asked in person.  I could follow up on it and maybe draw more stories out about them.  All of the sharing my aunts and uncles have done has been awesome and I appreciate it.  I enjoy hearing from the aunts and uncles individually and seeing what memory they hold of their older relatives.  This exercise has prompted me to start writing down my memories and to answer the same questions.

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