18 May 2015

Michigan Genealogical Council Elects Board of Directors

I have been a delegate to the Michigan Genealogical Council (MGC) for the last year or so. Delegates serve as liaisons between the council and their local genealogical societies.  I have enjoyed being a delegate and when asked if I would consider serving in some capacity on the MGC board, I said yes!. I had been wanting to become more involved on the state level and guess what?  I did.

Last week elections for the Michigan Genealogical Council were held at the delegate meeting and I was elected as corresponding secretary. My official start date is in July. The board is comprised of five incumbents and four newly elected members.  I will be joining a great group of people and I am looking forward to working them.

Newly elected members are Vice President Kathryn Willson; Treasurer Jill O’Sullivan and Trustee Faye Ebach.  We will join current board members President Thomas Koselka; Recording Secretary/Delegate Sue Irvine; Recording Secretary/Board Marilyn Sayler; Trustee James Thornton and Trustee Jan Tripp for the next year.

The Michigan Genealogical Society was organized in 1972.  MGC membership is open to any genealogical or family history society, amateur or professional, with a primary interest in genealogy.  MCG serves the citizens of Michigan through coordinating genealogical activities of statewide interest; cooperating in the location, preservation, publication and deposit in suitable repositories, of Michigan records of value to genealogists; providing information to the genealogical societies membership regarding speakers, teachers, seminars and workshops and encouraging and/or working with other organizations or agencies involved in promoting improvements in genealogical facilities and holdings of Michigan archives, libraries, museums and record repositories.

I will continue serving Calhoun County Genealogical Society as President in addition to serving the state.  MGC has provided great service to the Michigan genealogical community and I look forward to helping continue that tradition.

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