09 July 2016

Fredrick Family DNA

Some of you may know that my parents are aging, ages 86 and 91, and I have been helping them with a few chores every week.  Of course, this gets me thinking that they will not live forever. These thoughts were my motivation to have my mom's and my dad's DNA tested.  I chose to use Ancestry DNA.  I ordered four kits (two for my parents and two for my in-laws).  I had them perform the test, sent it in and waited.  I was surprised that I had all four results within a month.  I can tell you that everything stopped the minute I saw the email that said my DNA result was in.

My mother, Audrey Fredrick Glover, was the last result to come in.  Of the four DNA tests that were taken, I figured my mother's would be pretty easy to predict, Eastern and Western European.  My research of my mother's surnames-Fredrick and Graf, led me to Prussia, now Poland area, Palatinate area of Germany, and Switzerland. Imagine my surprise when her results came back 42% Great Britain.

Here is what my mom's ethnicity looked like:

I wasn't as surprised by these results as I had time to review what these results meant.  I had watched a You Tube video that helped me in my understanding. This is what I learned about my Mom's DNA from her ethnicity results:

  • It is an estimate based on the best science can do now.
  • It takes into account 1000-2000 years of DNA
  • It goes beyond what genealogists can find as recorded family history.
  • My mom is 98% European, less than 1% Asian, less than 1% Middle East, and less than 1% Asia South within this time period.
  • I have to think of the results as broad regions, not countries.
  • I have to think of it as having two trees: one my genealogy tree and the other my DNA tree. I have to keep reminding myself of this.
Next, I looked at the Ancestry DNA matches.  My mom had one first cousin match. Actually, she is my mom's niece's daughter and I know her quite well. My mom had four second cousins, only one with a tree, and I don't know any of them. I am still going through the information, but I have starred five to look at further.

A few of the surnames that I have found a connection to my mom's DNA include Mast, Fredrick, Graf, Livengood, Hershberger, Forney, and Seese.  I think I am on the right track with my research here.  I still have a lot of work to do to understand all the results and how it will help me in my research, but I am so glad I have my parent's DNA and can continue to learn more about my family history through it.

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