21 July 2016

The Great Big New England Genealogy Tour: Repositories

I am still trying to get my ducks in a row for my New England trip that is coming up faster than I think I will be ready for.  My latest plan is to get together all the information I need for the repositories I plan to visit.  This will allow me to make sure of the dates and times they are open and if I need to make appointments.

The repositories I plan on visiting are:

The New England Historic Genealogical Society Library (NEHGS), Boston, Massachusetts. NEHGS has a wonderful introduction to their library online.  I will be conducting advanced planning using the tips on their website, including:

    1. Reading about tips for preparing for a visit. The first item on the list is "make a list." I love making lists!
    2. Checking what resources are available.
    3. Checking what databases are available onsite.
    4. Scheduling a Consultation.
    5. Searching the card catalog and creating a list of resources.
    6. Collecting items on the what to bring list.
    7. Checking out the policies and procedures for visiting.
    8. Watching webinars 1) Getting the Most from NEHGS Online Library Catalog and 2)Preparing for Your Visit to NEHGS
    9. Finishing up my research plans and logs. 
The Vermont Historical Society Leahy Library, Barre, Vermont has holdings of genealogical value. Already, I found out it is not open on Mondays, which was the day I thought we would go, and a change of plans was made. Whew! I would hate to go all that way and not have a library be open. Advanced planning is a must.  My planning here includes:
  1. Reading the website section on the Leahy Library.
  2. Checking the location and hours.
  3. Searching the card catalog for resources.
  4. Searching the manuscript collection online.
  5. Requesting certain resource ahead of time, if warranted.
  6. Checking PERSI for any Vermont periodicals that are available at the library.
  7. Checking Genealogy Indexes and Lists section on the website.
The Shoreham Historical Society and the Pittsford Historical Society are two societies that I want to visit when I am in Vermont.  I will be reading their websites further and contacting them regarding a visit.

Technically, cemeteries are not repositories but I will be making a list of the grave-sites and cemeteries I want to visit, including the Ben and Jerry's Flavor Graveyard and the Von Trapp Family Graveyard (no relation, just love the Sound of Music).

A few of the cemeteries that I plan to visit are:
  1. Phelps, New York-Joslyn Cemetery
  2. Hingham, Massachusetts-Hingham Cemetery Settlers Monument
  3. Plymouth, Massachusetts-Burial Hill
  4. Eastham, Massachusetts-Cove Burying Ground
  5. Sandwich, Massachusetts-Old Town Burial Ground
  6. Pittsford, Vermont-Old Baptist Burying Ground
  7. Shoreham, Vermont-Lakeview Cemetery
  8. ?????
I know I won't get to all the cemeteries I would like but I will be prepared with location information before I go. I have my cemetery bag ready to go, I just need to make sure it gets in the car.


  1. It looks like your ducks and plans are all lined up. I don't know which day you'll be at NEHGS, but Wednesday they close at 9, other days at 5, and are Closed on Mondays. I like knowing where you'll be in VT, I have a few people up there as well, but not those areas. Soon, you'll be on the road.

  2. Thanks, Barbara. Right now, I plan to be at NEHGS on a Wed, Thurs., and Friday, if needed. I am getting ready to schedule an at home consultation with NEHGS.