15 July 2016

Vital Record Finds for Indiana

Death Certificate of Lester Elvin Graf, son of Henry Graf and Mary Etta Walker, who died of an accidental gun shot wound.

"Indiana Wants Me" Who remembers the song from the early 1970's?  It is what popped into my head the weekend I discovered all the new Indiana Record groups that became available online at Ancestry.  I believe Indiana wanted me to search for the hundreds of Indiana family members I have.

The following Indiana records became available at Ancestry:

    I didn't have any luck with the birth certificates as most of my ancestors were born before 1907, but I may be able to go back to the records as my research continues with finding the descendants of my ancestors.

    The marriage certificates were of no help to me at all as I knew of no one who was married in Indiana after 1958 in my family tree.

    The death certificates were a gold mine.  I spent hours and hours going through the records and found over 100 death certificates for my Graf and Mast families. I found new spouses which led to new records. The records at Ancestry are wonderful as they show the actual certificate, but there are a few issues with searching them.  

    I found a number of certificates that were indexed to the person, but the image was of someone else's death.  I found if I went back, or forward, a number of images, I could find the correct certificate. This led to me sending a lot of correction information to Ancestry.  It made it difficult to save the image as the correct certificate was indexed under another name.  Hopefully, Ancestry will get this fixed soon.

    Now, I just have to go and record all the certificates to my Roots Magic software program and source them. 

    These are the newest Indiana records available at Ancestry.  For a complete list of Indiana records on Ancestry check here. Don't forget if you don't have a subscription to ancestry many libraries have access to the library edition that you can use for free at your local library.  Happy Hunting!

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