16 July 2016

Mary E. Grischow and Ernest Charles Pierce Celebrate 50 Years of Marriage

A wonderful couple, Mary "Mari" Elizabeth (Grischow) and Ernest "Ernie" Charles Pearce are celebrating 50 years of marriage today!  Congratulations Mari and Ernie!

I met Cousin Mari, and her husband, Ernie, four years ago after I made contact with Mari on a genealogy message board.  She was looking for information on her grandmother Emma Fredrick, who is my grand aunt.  Emma Fredrick was the sister of my grandfather, Otto August Fredrick. Emma and Otto's parents were Johann August Fredrick and Louise Fredrike Zastrow.

Brenda Glover Leyndyke and Mari Grischow Pearce, May 2012, Battle Creek MI

Shortly after our online contact, Mari and Ernie traveled to Michigan, from Ontario, to visit.  It was then I met Mari and Ernie in person and found a wonderful cousin. We sat at the dining room table and shared stories and pictures.  We have continued to share family information over the past few years.  Mari introduced me to a part of the family I knew nothing about.

It wasn't long before Mari and Ernie were welcomed into the Fredrick(s) family.  Mari and Ernie returned to Michigan to attend the Fredricks family reunion and met more cousins than one could imagine.

Mari and Ernie Pearce, May 2012, Battle Creek, MI

It is my pleasure to wish Mari and Ernie my congratulations on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. They are a wonderful example of a lasting marriage and I wish them many more years of happiness and love.

Mary "Mari" Elizabeth Grischow, 16 July 1966

 Ernest "Ernie" Charles Pearce and Mary "Mari" Elizabeth Pearce, 16 July 1966
 Knox Presbyterian Church, Acton, Ontario, Canada, date unknown

Mary 'Mari' Elizabeth Grischow married Ernest 'Ernie' Charles Pearce on 16 July 1966, at the Knox Presbyterian Church, Acton, Ontario, Canada.  Rev. Andrew McKenzie officiated at the 2:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon service. Mari is the daughter of Audrey Bessie Chalmers and Boots Grischow.

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