13 July 2016

Walter S. Glover and Helen Hunt in Society Pages

Society Pages are great genealogical finds.  A researcher can find so much about their ancestors when they are featured in the society pages of a newspaper.  I don't know when publishing society news went out of style, but I am sure it had to do with privacy concerns of individuals.  The smaller the newspaper the juicer the gossip in my finds.

I remember when I was in high school and reading my local newspaper, The Harbor Beach Times, there was all kinds of society news, who was having and hosting bridal showers, who was traveling where, who returned home, who was in the hospital and more.  Many local newspapers did the same.

The above society note is from the Jackson Citizen Patriot, found at Jackson District Library, Jackson, Michigan.  It is from their 23 Oct 1897 edition.  The article tells of several social gatherings that my great grand uncle's, Walter Glover, soon to be wife, Helen Hunt, had before her wedding. Helen Hunt was honored with four events the week of her wedding; a card party, a tea party and two evenings with friends.

These articles provide a glimpse into our ancestors lives.  It doesn't give any vital record information, but it helps see a picture of the couple and provides names of friends and acquaintances that may lead to more clues about ones ancestor's life.

Be sure to check local society news for glimpses into your ancestors life.  You may be surprised by what you find.


  1. Brenda, your reminder is very timely. I've been investigating local newspapers for society mentions of hubby's ancestors and found tidbits like "In the prettiest wedding of the season, X and Y were joined in marriage..." Fun to see who was attending, etc.

  2. Marian, I enjoy reading the society pages that has information on ancestors. You can't find that kind of information anywhere else.