10 January 2022

Goal Setting for 2022

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I was looking at my blog and the posts labeled "Goals." I realized that I need to set a few genealogy goals this year. I think my blog had Covid in 2021. I didn't set any goals. Twelve years ago, in 2011, I did an 11 for 11 post. No way am I doing a 22 for 22! 

I liked when I set goals by category. I feel it is more manageable. My goals for 2022 by category are:


  • to process the research I have saved in my "To-Do Genealogy" file on my computer. I have research from a pre-Covid trip to Fort Wayne.
  • to research my Canadian Walmsly/McGee family now that I know there was a name change.
Professional Development
  • to attend at least one institute course. I won a free registration for the CGVRI-the Canadian research institute and I plan to take advantage of it.
  • to conduct self study with the book, "Mastering Genealogical Documentation" by Thomas W. Jones
  • In the past I have set blogging goals like blog three times a week, but this year I am going to create a goal to share my new research finds as I find them.
  • to scan family pictures and organize them digitally. I want to scan my photo album pictures from college, early marriage, and family pictures.
I think these are reasonable goals. I will  assess quarterly to help keep me focused. 

What are your goals for 2022?

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