22 January 2022

I'm Working On It-Broken Links


I have a new appreciation for Cyndi of Cyndi's List and what she has to do to keep her links current. I updated my blog template last night and today I decided I should check for broken links. I don't remember the last time I did this.

Broken Links at Journey to the Past

I used Broken Link Check, a free, up to 3000 pages, broken link checker. I have 175 broken links! I'm sorry, readers. I knew I had a bunch of links that were linked to Seeking Michigan when they converted to the Michiganology website. Also, the Archives of Michigan and the Library of Michigan have reworked their websites, more broken links. I have a bunch that linked to Family Search, more broken links. The link checker also showed a number of broken links from comments and commenter profiles. I am not concerned with those right now.

What has changed at Journey to the Past?

If you bookmarked certain pages of my blog and you cannot find them or are getting the dreaded "404 not found message", don't worry. I reverted some of the pages to draft. That way I can work on updating those pages. I reverted my Michigan Genealogy series of blog posts to draft. There were so many broken links on those posts, I decided I need to update the whole post. 

This weekend was a good weekend to work on my blog. The wind chill has been in the single digits in Kalamazoo this weekend. It is too cold for me to want to go outside, but a good time to work on my blog.

I hope to get the Michigan Genealogy series up this week. I will continue to work on broken links as I have time. If you write a blog, do you keep your links up to date? How often do you look for broken links? Do you go back to the first years of your blog and correct them? I would like to hear from other bloggers on how they handle broken links in their blog.

Normally, I would update my broken links a couple of times of year. I work on the most recent posts with broken links and work backwards. The link checker sorts them that way. 

I think once I get the posts edited and updated, my blog should be good for awhile. I have only gotten one complaint about broken links. It was someone who was not happy about the Michigan Genealogy broken links. Hopefully, these updates will help.

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