21 January 2022

New Look for 2022

Credit: Creative Commons Non Commercial Share Alike 
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There is a saying in Michigan. Michigan has two seasons-Winter and orange barrel construction season. I decided it was time to do a little 'construction' on my blog. Gone is the scooter and dark background and in its place is a lighter, fresher template.

I felt my blog theme was dated and I needed to do some updating. Plus, I was starting to have formating issues. The content is the same I just moved things on the sidebar around. The blog post area is wider and can accomodate larger pictures, no more lapping into the side bar area. Another change is with the pages under the title at the top. I was limited on my other template to the number of pages, but with this template I can add more. 

I will  be tweaking it this weekend as I go through each section. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please leave a comment. I want to make sure it is accessible to all my readers.


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