14 January 2022

Those Pesky Unidentified Photo's

I love old photographs, don't you? If they are old family photographs they are even more cherished. I have scans of a lot of photographs that were in a photo scrapbook of my grandmother, Daisy Ellen Graf Fredricks. Of course, my grandmother is no longer with us to help in identification of the people. Even Aunt Lola couldn't identify them all and she identified a lot of people. 

I thought I would put these unidentified pictures in this post with hopes that a 'cousin' will find them and know who they are. If you have any clues as to the identification of the people in the photographs, please leave a comment. 

1. Mom (?) and Baby

2. Washington, Iowa  Who are you little girl?

3. Four Daughters

4. Football Star-Do you recognize the school?

5. Toddler bundled up for winter

 6. Aunt Lola thought it was a Fredrick. Is it William or Leonard Fredrick?

7. Siblings, maybe?

8. Dapper Couple

9. Waiting for the train in Brethren, Michigan

  10. Sharing confidences?

Do you need help identifying people in your photographs? Here are a few resources that might help.

1. Lisa Louise Cooke's Savvy Tips to Help Identify Old Photos: https://lisalouisecooke.com/2017/03/18/identify-old-photos/

2.Lisa Lisson Are You My Cousin? Blog Four Tips to Identify the Unknown in Old Family Photographs. https://lisalisson.com/4-tips-identify-unknown-family-photographs/

3. Family Search Blog-3 Tips for Identifying Old Family Photos: https://www.familysearch.org/en/blog/3-tips-for-identifying-old-family-photos

4. Maureen Taylor, Photo Detective Blog: https://maureentaylor.com/the-photo-detective/blog/

5. Google Lens: https://lens.google/

And if you are looking for old photographs, try these websites:
Maureen Taylor, Family Tree Magazine-13 Websites for Finding Old Photographs: https://www.familytreemagazine.com/photos/websites-for-old-family-photos/

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